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Ask My Wife Anything Valentines Day Special Ep4

In this episode we speak with Ms. BassGeek about fishing, love, and my obsession with spending money on fishing gear! We take questions...

These Kids Made Bassmaster HISTORY!

36lbs 7oz in 5 bass! Yeah you heard me right. These kids Matt & Lafe Messer broke the Bassmaster single and two day record...

Qusetions for A Pro John Soukup on The Bass Geek Podcast

Tonight we'll talk with Mr. John Soukup Fishing NPFL Pro and Bassmaster Open Angler. We'll talk about his New Youtube channel, His plans for...

The BassGeek Podcast Episode 1 Winter Sucks

Winter sucks, we all know it but we all have our routines that we go through to keep ourselves sane. Some of us still...