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New Angler Questions with 804 Angler

In this episode, I recorded as I let 804Angler from the Trollin on the RVA YouTube channel fire off questions. This may be something we do more often as he is a newer angler and brings a different perspective to the conversation. Thank you for...

WAE of Fishing The Podcast Episode #6 Do I know too Much?

In this episode we are keeping with our beginning fisherman theme but taking a different approach. As a fisherman, as a competitive fisherman, as a teacher I am always examinging what and how I do things. I am not the end all to how to fish. I am...

5 mistakes of new fisherman

WAE of Fishing The Podcast Episode 5. In this episode we discuss the top 5 mistakes I see repeated in new fisherman. These are of course top 5 in my opinion and you may have a different list. Being on youtube I get a lot of DMs asking questions and...

Fishing Ettiquette

WAEofFishing The Podcast Ep 4 Fishing Etiquette with guest Jason Gaskin "Big Coffees Outdoor Magazine" Today we discuss the proper etiquette for beginner fisherman. You can find our guest here: Youtube: Big Coffees Outdoor Magazine Facebook:...

The truth in Pro staffing with Doug Roberts

In this episode, we talk to Doug Roberts of FishnFX. Doug is a custom rod builder of world class rods, a custom lure designer and a manager of several Pro Staffs. I am so excited to give you the first interview on the podcast. We talk about custom...

Why You Should Eat Bass

In this podcast I share my thoughts on the taboo subject of catching, keeping and eating largemouth bass. This is a big taboo in our world but one that I feel is totally irrational. A result of social stigma, media pressure and a misunderstanding of...